Video Game Hangover

Randy gets hopped up on FEVER MODE in Lapis x Labyrinth. D.J. meditates over canceling Apple Arcade while he disassembles some junk in Assemble with Care, then plays a game he's wanted to try for 25 years. Also, Kentucky Route Zero ends well, but not without a few bumps in the road.

Episode Timeline:

(0:29) - Intro/RIPHQ

(6:56) - Randy’s Entertainment Minute

(14:15) - Norman Reedus is a real guy

(16:04) - Apple Arcade/Assemble with Care

(30:18) - Kentucky Route Zero

(40:29) - Trials of Mana

(51:06) - Lapis x Labyrinth

(1:05:00) - Outro

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