Video Game Hangover

We're back and dreaming of a world where a Scrubs-inspired Kinect game is Microsoft's next big triple-A title. It could happen, right? In this episode, we obsess over great movies, TV shows and books that beg to be turned into video games.

Episode Timeline

Intro: 0:43
Hangover: 3:28
Dream Games Part 1: 25:10
VGCT Sam & Max: 46:35
Dream Games Part 2: 47:22 

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The VGH crew offer their fascinating insight and biting commentary on the big announcements from E3 2011.

Episode Timeline

Intro: 1:05
Microsoft Conference: 3:05
Sony Conference: 24:55
Nintendo Conference: 43:09 

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M-M-Multikill! The crew discuss their unhealthy obsession with multiplayer gaming, including a certain game starring ostriches on Mars. Also: We put on our robes and wizard hats, Randy says something inappropriate, and VGCT bids farewell to an old friend.

Episode Timeline

Intro: 0:00
Hangover: 2:15
Multiplayer and Red Faction Guerrilla: 22:10
VGCT - Resident Evil: 39:45
Favorite Multiplayer Games: 41:02 

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