Video Game Hangover

On this week's show, we're talking about video game endings: the ones that got it right and the ones that missed the mark. Also: Mulchers, hand cramps, vagina monsters, generic white men, and the importance of carrying enough arrows. The end is nigh!

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Intro: 0:00
Hangover: 1:40
VG Endings:  36:20
Last Call: 90:00
Outro: 92:20 

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Is it the journey or the destination? On this week's show, we're in a glass case of emotion because of the uniquely moving new PS3 game, Journey. We've also got a lot to say about Mass Effect (in its many incarnations) and Randy can't get enough of WARP.

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Intro: 0:00
Viewer Mail: 2:15
Hangover: 5:35
Journey Talk: 26:45
Last Call: 59:30
Outro: 68:16 

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Every gamer has a story about the one that got away. On this week's show, we're talking about the games that we've played but somehow never finished. Also: we're totally hungover on El Shaddai, Mass Effect 2 and 3, Journey, and the upcoming Skullgirls.

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Intro: 0:00
Nexuiz Contest Winners: 2:35
Hangover: 4:12
Unfinished Games: 40:10
Last Call: 67:45
Outro: 75:30

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It was a big week for gaming news and we're offering up our opinions on the Mass Effect 3 DLC debacle, Valve's rumored Steam Box console, and the freshly-announced Assassin's Creed III. Also: hate mail, emo kids, Syndicate, Game Dev Story, and... Monopoly?

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Shank Contest Winners: 2:42
Viewer Mail: 4:00
Hangover: 9:50
Gaming Headlines: 29:18
Last Call: 67:45
Outro: 74:50 

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How important is genre to the identity of a game? On this week's show, we're talking about how new takes on classics like Syndicate, XCOM, and Kid Icarus are breaking the mold. Also: Mutant Blobs, Dear Esther, Taito tweets, and Phoenix Wright. Objection!

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Intro: 0:00
Warp Contest Winners: 1:55
Hangover: 3:35
VGCT Ace Attorney:
Sequels in Name Only: 27:06
Last Call: 72:15
Outro: 79:10 

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