Video Game Hangover

Getting old sucks. This week, we're talking about our evolving tastes and the gaming concepts that just don't do it for us anymore. Also: pre-PAX anticipation, Viewer Mail, Dungeon Defenders, Spec Ops: The Line, and more on Mario and The Last Story.

Episode Timeline

Intro: 0:00
Viewer Mail: 3:48
Hangover: 11:49
Changing Tastes: 41:20
Last Call: 61:09
Outro: 68:44 

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Can games be fun without the threat of death? On this week's show, we're talking about death and consequences in gaming. We also got a coffin-load of your Viewer Mail and we weigh in on the New Mario, Sound Shapes, Papo and Yo, and The Last Story.

Episode Timeline

Intro: 0:00
Viewer Mail: 2:20
Hangover: 12:18
Death and Consequences: 44:08
Last Call: 79:40
Outro: 86:05 

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NASA's Curiosity rover is the coolest thing to happen on Mars since the rise of the Red Faction. This week, we're talking about games in space. We've also got Viewer Mail, thoughts on Deadlight and Limbo, and we pick sides in the EA vs Zynga dust-up.

Episode Timeline

Intro: 0:00
Viewer Mail: 2:05
Hangover: 7:30
Space Games: 41:35
Last Call: 63:50
Outro: 69:30 

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Sure, Michael Phelps can swim... but how is he at Tekken 3? With apologies to all of the real Olympians out there, we humbly present our own Gold Medal Moments in Gaming. Also: MW3, AssCreedRev, Puddle, and lots of fighting games. Go for the gold!

Episode Timeline

Intro: 0:00
Viewer Mail: 1:53
Hangover: 10:50
Gold Medal Moments: 32:15
Last Call: 58:18
Outro: 63:19 

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