Video Game Hangover

Are you a closet gamer? We're picking apart the concept of "gamer shame" and seeing how far we have to turn the clock back before games become unplayable. Also, Mighty Switch Force! 2, State of Decay, and spoiler-free Last of Us talk!

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0:00 - Intro
3:00 - Viewer Mail
12:33 - Hangover
36:00 - Gamer Shame
59:56 - Last Call
65:54 - Outro 
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We took a break from playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf long enough to record a show! We spend this week trying to pin down just what makes Nintendo's offbeat life simulator so popular. Also: Your post-E3 reactions and Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4!

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0:00 - Intro
1:52 - Viewer Mail
10:30 - Animal Crossing Chat
52:20 - Last Call
59:56 - Outro 

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On this week's show: E3! We recap some of our favorite highlights and lowlights from the first two days of E3 2013. Yup, just straight up E3 reactions from the VGH Crew!

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VGH levels up to three digits! To celebrate, listener Anthony Ferro joins us to talk Virtual Boy and other gaming gimmicks. In the Hangover, we're playing Donkey Kong, StarCraft II, and Mutant Blobs Attack. Thanks for your support for over 100 episodes!

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0:00 - Intro
2:29 - Our Guest Host
5:50 - Hangover
26:59 - Gaming Gimmicks
55:39 - Last Call
63:48 - Outro 


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