Video Game Hangover

RAGE! RAGE! RAGE! We're letting off some steam over the things in games that make us mad. (Then we're binge eating.) In the Hangover, we're playing Splinter Cell Blacklist and Spec Ops: The Line. Also, your comments from Twitter on Viewer Mail!

Episode Timeline

0:00 - Intro
2:45 - Viewer Mail
15:18 - Spec Ops: The Line
20:28 - Spinter Cell: Blacklist
34:10 - Gamer RAGE
56:28 - Last Call
59:08 - Outro 

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Are you a game collector or just a hoarder? We're discussing the nuances of video game collecting and the allure of that shiny, new collector's edition of your favorite game. In the Hangover, we're playing Steamworld Dig, Brothers, and Divekick.

Episode Timeline

0:00 - Intro
3:00 - Viewer Mail
7:58 - Backlog Attack update
9:19 - Shadows of the Damned
21:17 - Divekick
25:42 - Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
30:27 - Steamworld Dig
39:38- Collecting Games
1:03:45 - Outro

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Despite the doom haze surrounding the Wii U, we manage to stay positive and discuss the things that Nintendo's doing right. (But we can't resist dishing on the motion controls and the Big N's stubbornness anyway.) Also, your Backlog Attack entries!

Episode Timeline

0:00 - Intro
2:49 - Viewer Mail
9:22 - Backlog Attack Update
16:20 - Spec Ops: The Line
22:01 - Resident Evil: Revelations
30:25 - Shadows of the Damned
38:16 - Ode to Nintendo
61:50 - Outro 

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We dig into the Dragon's Crown controversy this week: Are you ever turned away from a game because of creative decisions? Also, we make some backlog progress and get into Mindjack and Analogue: A Hate Story, and Paul tries out the co-op in Ibb and Obb.

Episode Timeline

0:00 - Intro
2:31 - Viewer Mail and Contest Info
19:19 - Analogue: A Hate Story
28:00 - Mindjack
33:15 - Ibb and Obb
40:00 - Dragon's Crown Controversy 
55:45 - Last Call
60:38 - Outro 

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We continue our discussion on scalability of game experiences from last week. In the Hangover, Randy talks about samurai warriors using iPads in Shin Megami Tensei IV, Paul has more X Zone musings and D.J. grinds beetles to dust in Animal Crossing.

Episode Timeline

0:00 - Intro
2:41 - Viewer Mail
16:40 - Shin Megami Tensei IV
24:15 - Project X Zone
30:32 - Animal Crossing
39:23 - Scaling Game Experiences Part 2
56:45 - Phil Fish
59:28 - Last Call
62:30 - Outro 

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