Video Game Hangover

It's just D.J. and his microphone again, so it must be time to talk about the Guild games on 3DS! Get impressions on Keiji Inafune's Bugs vs. Tanks! and Kaz Ayabe's Attack of the Friday Monsters! Also... is that you, Snake? SNAAAAAKE!

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It’s our annual Hungover Hangover special! Join us for a special extended episode where we take your tweets, emails, and voice messages! Thank you for your support, and boy are you in for a doozy.

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Turn up the volume and get ready for an hour of 2013’s best game music! We play and discuss some of our favorite tracks this year. Also, SteamWorld Dig.

Episode Timeline:
0:00 - Intro
1:48 - Viewer Mail
5:50 - SteamWorld Dig
12:30 - Best Game Music of 2013
62:48 - Outro

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What happens when we stop talking about games and decide to make one? The results surprised even us. (Don't worry, there's still some gaming chat, including more Zelda, Mario 3D World, and some PS4 catch-up.)

Episode Timeline:
0:00 - Intro
1:48 - Viewer Mail
6:45 - Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
16:00 - Super Mario 3D World
18:51 - Knack
29:48 - Live streaming games
41:26 - VGH: The Video Game
65:20 - Outro

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