Video Game Hangover

Attention astronaut: There’s been a terrible accident and now you have just 60 minutes of oxygen remaining. Better spend them listening to this episode about a talking sword and big worms.


Episode Timeline

0:00 - Intro 7:11 - Game Night 8:20 - Wii U adventures 15:55 - Transistor 34:00 - Escape from the Moon Base 41:48 - Games without comparison 59:30 - Viewer Mail 62:50 - Outro

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Two huge releases calls for our BIGGEST Taco Tuesday yet! D.J. and Paul are joined by Courtney and Russ to discuss Watch Dogs, and Mario Kart 8!

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Are you the ultimate fanfiction author/biker gang leader? If so, you're invited to attend this podcast where we discuss your particular talents. Please watch out for potential murderers and/or time travel hazards. This episode is better without Kinect.


Episode Timeline

0:00 - Intro 4:25 - Super TIME Force 15:00 - Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc 25:12 - You Have to Win the Game 33:05 - Better without Kinect 47:15 - Nintendo's mysterious E3 3DS mystery 55:25 - Viewer Mail 56:30 - Last Call 59:55 - Outro

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It's Taco Tuesday! D.J. is joined by community member Nathan Ortega to discuss two of this week's biggest games: Transistor and Wolfenstein!

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To free us from the tyranny of car keys, we all get cybernetic implants. Also, we played some video games: FTL: Advanced Edition, Mega Man 3, and Mario Golf: World Tour. This episode is available to tomodachi of all races and sexual orientation.


Episode Timeline
0:00 - Intro 4:56 - FTL: Advanced Edition 12:10 - Mario Golf: World Tour 22:32 - Mega Man III 29:43 - #Miiquality 38:00 - Cyborgs among us 46:30 - E3 predictions and rumors 58:25 - Last Call 63:10 - Outro

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It's Taco Tuesday! Randy dines alone.

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This week, we take golf very seriously.


Episode Timeline

0:00 - Intro
5:50 - Viewer Mail
7:35 - Dark Souls II
24:30 - Shadowrun: Dragonfall
33:35 - Mario Golf: World Tour
47:00 - Games that deserve the Telltale treatment
58:40 - Last Call
66:10 - Outro

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It's Taco Tuesday! D.J. and Paul gorge on a smorgasbord of delicious games this week including: Sportsfriends, Mega Man, and they even chat a little Vita 2000!

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This week's show tackles grown-up issues like depression, anime, and life with eight arms. Also, more Microsoft and Xbox One chat as per usual, and Video Game Community Theater brings its own mailbag.

Episode Timeline

0:00 - Intro
2:58 - Game Night / Viewer Mail
16:00 - Octodad
26:33 - Actual Sunlight
33:55 - Short Peace
41:35 - Video Game Community Theater: Animal Crossing
45:20 - Microsoft TV TV TV TV
62:00 - Last Call
66:10 - Outro

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