Video Game Hangover

Silent Hills is canceled and Konami is in the middle of self-destructing and we're just sitting here StreetPassing.

Episode Timeline


0:00 - Intro

3:01 - Game night

5:12 - Mario Kart 8

24:15 - Battleground Z/Ultimate Angler

36:58 - Nintendo Love

47:20 - Konami GOES CRAZY!!!!!

58:09 - Joker GOES CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

62:06 - Outro

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It's Taco Tuesday! On the menu this week: Mario Kart DS... on the Wii U! A new Shadowrun DLC, State of Decay and the long awaited Broken Age Act 2.

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Randy plugs in his Xbox One to make sure it plays video games, but all it does is play the new Star Trek trailer (which looks suspiciously like Star Wars). Meanwhile, Paul locks himself in a room and D.J. jumps off a cliff to avoid Superman's blood.

Episode Timeline

0:00 - Intro
2:05 - Star Wars: The Force Awakens
8:02 - Star Wars: Battlefront
16:04 - Batman v Superman
22:06 - Sunset Overdrive
34:37 - Escape Experts: Attic Panic
49:45 - Bloodborne/Dark Souls II
62:06 - Outro

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It's Taco Tuesday! On the menu this week: Shovel Knight, and his crazy DLC! New Streetpass games, and for dessert we've got some Mario Kart Animal Crossing themed DLC, along with some Baby Park!~

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Paul and D.J. get deep into Monster Hunter 4 fashion and this season's hottest armor skills. Meanwhile, Randy prefers to stay out of the spotlight with Monster Bag. Also, Pillars of Eternity, Mario Party 10, and smartwatches destroy civilization.

Episode Timeline

0:00 - Intro
2:35 - The longest game
12:10 - Apple Watch
21:05 - Monster Hunter Stories/Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
38:54 - Monster Bag 4 Ultimate
48:02 - Pillars of Eternity
58:20 - Mario Party 10
66:04 - Viewer Mail
76:18 - Outro

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It's Taco Tuesday! On the menu this week: Bread, Goats and Bloooooood. 

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Randy seeks relief from his third unrelenting week of The Order: 1886 by playing a game about boxes. Paul searches for the correct set of buttons to beat Helldivers, D.J. spends the weekend watching a Call of Duty video, and Final Fantasy XIV... ends?!

Episode Timeline

0:00 - Intro
2:02 - Hilarious Internet April Fools jokes
4:05 - Early Access Chat
14:07 - Code Name: STEAM
25:45 - The Complete Call of Duty
31:58 - Helldivers
48:01 - The Order: 1886
54:24 - Boxboy
60:58 - Final Fantasy XIV: Before the Fall Part II
71:35 - Super Smash Bros. DLC shenanigans
82:42 - Outro

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It's Taco Tuesday! On the menu this week, the NEW 3DS gets its very first semi-exclusive in Xenoblade Chronicles. Also: Tower of Guns, Bastion on the PS4, and Stealth Inc. 2!

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We get in touch with our inner time traveling tweens in Life Is Strange episode 2, the most steampunk game since The Order: 1886. Also: Why the Zelda delay is good, why Master Chief is bad, and a new Mass Effect?

Episode Timeline

0:00 - Intro
1:25 - No Zelda for U
8:05 - Halo/Mass Effect
16:04 - Life Is Strange
39:02 - Nintendo Chat
50:05 - Spotify
57:18 - Viewer Mail
65:10 - Outro

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