Video Game Hangover

In a shocking twist, Randy sets up a factory farm on a remote planet in Slime Rancher. Meanwhile, D.J. navigates the ups, downs, and excessive spikes of adventure-puzzler The Way. Also, anyone want a Gameboy with a hand crank?!

Episode Timeline

00:36 - Intro

02:09 - Ritual of the Moon

04:28 - Playdate

24:16 - The Way

45:26 - Slime Rancher

1:08:51 - Outro

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Randy embarks on a magical journey to the world of Culdcept Revolt. D.J. faces his greatest fear in Cosmic Star Heroine. Also: What does The Division 2 have in common with Final Fantasy XIV?

Episode Timeline

00:36 - Intro/Tetris 99

08:07 - Ritual of the Moon

11:12 - Phantasy Star

16:19 - The Division 2

22:46 - Culdcept Revolt

46:46 - Cosmic Star Heroine

57:54 - Outro

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Randy finds his calling as a traveling bard in Wandersong. Meanwhile, D.J. gets extra weird with Eternal Senia, which is probably a clicker game, then takes a lightning tour of Japan to explore Kyoto's red gates in, naturally, Explore Kyoto's Red Gates.

Episode Timeline

00:36 - Intro/Surprise! It's the Flash

06:44 - Phantasy Star

12:08 - Eternal Senia

23:35 - Wandersong

41:28 - Explore Kyoto's Red Gates

55:21 - Outro

1:00:05 - Signing Off

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A fun bear teaches Randy the ancient samurai code in Bushido Bear. D.J. plays the equally ancient Phantasy Star. A thoughtful conversation about a creator's responsibility devolves into a debate over whether or not hedgehogs should have human teeth.

Episode Timeline

00:36 - Intro

02:50 - Koji Igarashi's horrible trailer

20:05 - Bushido Bear

38:08 - Bushido Blade

40:37 - Bushido Phantasy Star

1:05:53 - Outro

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Randy returns to the world of Boxboy (and Boxgirl), now in lavish high definition. D.J. gets Fire Emblem in his Dragalia Lost. And the second part of our Labo VR experience, featuring Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Episode Timeline

00:36 - Intro

03:23 - The Avengers, Part Deux

13:46 - Nintendo Labo VR (feat. Mario and Zelda)

39:18 - Boxboy + Boxgirl

58:38 - Dragalia Lost x Fire Emblem Heroes

1:12:21 - Outro

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