Video Game Hangover

The end of the Backlog Attack is in sight as we get into Wario Ware Gold, Tomb Raider Anniversary, and reveal your picks for our listener's choice games. Also: Randy has some words about that Switch Lite.

Episode Timeline

00:26 - Intro/Bathroom Break

04:54 - Switch Lite!

17:58 - Wario Ware Gold

35:28 - Tomb Raider Anniversary

48:25 - Backlog Attack week III.8 Final Chapter Prologue

58:47 - The Outro Wilds

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We're beating the summer heat with a crippling drug habit in Dr. Mario World. (That's how Dr. Mario works, right?) Also, the Backlog Attack continues with Professor Layton: The Next Generation (actually his daughter) and Front Mission Evolved.

Episode Timeline

00:26 - Intro

09:16 - Layton's Mystery Journey

29:19 - Front Mission Evolved

43:24 - Dr. Mario World

1:02:24 - Outro

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The Backlog Attack kicks off with Randy cheerfully slicing and dicing robots in Kirby: Planet Robobot. Meanwhile, D.J. struggles to make sense of the Flashback HD remake, but that's OK, because there's Shadowbringers.

Episode Timeline

00:26 - Intro/New music

05:00 - Stranger Things Moment

06:34 - Flashback

25:30 - Kirby: Planet Robobot

35:45 - Ritual of the Moon: The Finale

46:46 - Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

1:00:29 - Outro

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We're commemorating our 400th episode in the only way that makes sense: By definitively naming the best 400 video games ever made. Also, we kick off this summer's Backlog Attack!

Episode Timeline

00:26 - Intro

01:35 - Backlog Attack/The greatest 400 video games of all time, comprehensively and definitively ranked

1:02:39 - Outro

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