Video Game Hangover

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is here! We get deep into our new island vacation package. Also: D.J. tries to make something of himself in Final Fantasy XIV, then escapes our weird new reality with some Resident Evil 3.

Episode Timeline:

(0:29) - Intro

(5:59) - D.J. VS Final Fantasy XIV

(17:38) - Animal Crossing: New Horizons

(54:47) - Resident Evil 3

(1:06:07) - Outro

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Now that we have plenty of time on our hands, we settle in to discuss the subtle joys of MMO living, and how Animal Crossing could take a few notes. (Or maybe it already has?) Also, picross procedural Murder by Numbers, and corgi-clicker Rescue Pets.

Episode Timeline:

(0:29) - Intro

(9:10) - Final Fantasy XIV VS Animal Crossing

(32:15) - Murder by Numbers

(43:29) - Rescue Pets

(50:10) - Outro

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We played Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo and have some thoughts. But don't worry, there's also: Florence! PC Building Simulator! And, of course, Good Pizza, Great Pizza!

Episode Timeline:

(0:29) - Intro/Slay the Spire

(7:33) - Final Fantasy VII Remake

(35:28) - PC Building Simulator

(43:23) - Florence

(52:28) - Good Pizza, Great Pizza

(1:06:39) - Outro

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Randy and special guest Erik made it out of PAX East 2020 and seem mostly virus-free. But more importantly: They played the new Animal Crossing and are here to tell you about it. (Also: Other games that are not Animal Crossing.)

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