Video Game Hangover

We live life ten minutes of a Star Trek episode at a time in The Captain Is Dead, then take a whimsical trip to Norway in Embracelet. Also, our thoughts on the latest Nintendo Direct and the questionable titles therein.

Episode Timeline

(0:23) - Intro/Nintendo Direct

(26:49) - The Captain Is Dead

(48:45) - Embracelet

(1:01:26) - Outro

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Randy gets deep into kaiju and cat costumes in the Super Mario 3D World spin-off, Bowser's Fury. Meanwhile, D.J. struggles to adjust to the Bravely Default II demo and wonders if everyone would quiet down if he just paid them lots of money.

Episode Timeline

(0:23) - Intro/Doug

(10:01) - I'm not a whale

(27:54) - Bowser’s Fury

(51:59) - Bravely Default II

(1:16:00) - Outro

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We played games that answer two of the Metroidvaniaverse's biggest questions: Y can't Metroid throw a harpoon (Olija), and y can't Metroid be Spider-man (Mable and the Wood)? Also, Final Fantasy XIV heads to the moon in Endwalker.

Episode Timeline:

(0:23) - Intro/Star Wars

(11:21) - Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

(31:12) - Olija

(46:24) - Mable and the Wood

(1:00:55) - Outro

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Randy learns to cope with 1000 deaths in Pikmin 3 Deluxe. Meanwhile, D.J. plays Final Fantasy VII Remake and Bravely Default simultaneously and somehow still has time to see what the cast of Persona 5 is doing in Dragalia Lost.

Episode Timeline

(0:23) - Intro/Yakuza: Like a Dragon

(9:59) - FFXIV announcement showcase announcement

(15:42) - Dragalia Lost x Persona 5

(33:24) - Dragon Quest minute

(34:16) - Pikmin 3 Deluxe

(50:36) - Bravely Default

(57:51) - Final Fantasy VII Remake

(1:01:26) - Outro


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