Video Game Hangover

Despite some disturbing news out of the Nintendo Direct, D.J. miraculously manages to enjoy Actraiser Renaissance. Also, after months of struggle, Randy finally gets his hands on Astro's Playroom. Hironobu Sakaguchi guest stars.

Episode Timeline

(0:00) - Intro/Chris Pratt is Mario

(4:06) - Nintendo Direct

(11:04) - Sakaguchi Direct

(13:08) - Fantasian revisited

(16:25) - Actraiser Renaissance

(32:28) - Astro’s Playroom/PS5

(1:05:12) - Outro

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Randy, a fan of games like A Short Hike and Animal Crossing, attempts to revitalize the campgrounds of Haven Park. D.J. gets into Fantasian, finally. And Angry Birds makes its long-awaited VGH debut.

Episode Timeline

(0:00) - Intro/Angry Birds Journey

(10:53) - Fantasian

(41:02) - Haven Park

(1:02:07) - Outro


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D.J. travels the galaxy in pinball adventure World Flipper, then tries to make sense of a supernatural London in Last Stop. Meanwhile, after abandoning his Animal Crossing island, Randy returns to Earth for one last tee time in Golf Club: Wasteland.

Episode Timeline

(0:00) - Intro

(9:13) - World Flipper

(30:17) - Golf Club: Wasteland

(46:13) - Last Stop

(1:07:35) - Outro

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Randy becomes a super secret psychic soldier in Schafer’s sorely sought sequel, Psychonauts 2. And, D.J. delivers mail in Lake.

Episode Timeline

(0:00) - Intro

(5:15) - Backlog Attack

(15:58) - Psychonauts 2

(47:54) - Lake

(1:07:22) - Outro

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This year's Backlog Attack concludes with Hollow Knight and the much-anticipated Stardew Valley. Will Randy be willing to trade his carefree island life for life on a farm?

Episode Timeline

(0:00) - Intro

(4:13) - Backlog Attack contest

(5:43) - Stardew Valley

(37:55) - The Hollow Knight

(1:02:32) - Outro

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