Video Game Hangover

It's just D.J. and his microphone again, so it must be time to talk about the Guild games on 3DS! Get impressions on Keiji Inafune's Bugs vs. Tanks! and Kaz Ayabe's Attack of the Friday Monsters! Also... is that you, Snake? SNAAAAAKE!

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It’s our annual Hungover Hangover special! Join us for a special extended episode where we take your tweets, emails, and voice messages! Thank you for your support, and boy are you in for a doozy.

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Turn up the volume and get ready for an hour of 2013’s best game music! We play and discuss some of our favorite tracks this year. Also, SteamWorld Dig.

Episode Timeline:
0:00 - Intro
1:48 - Viewer Mail
5:50 - SteamWorld Dig
12:30 - Best Game Music of 2013
62:48 - Outro

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What happens when we stop talking about games and decide to make one? The results surprised even us. (Don't worry, there's still some gaming chat, including more Zelda, Mario 3D World, and some PS4 catch-up.)

Episode Timeline:
0:00 - Intro
1:48 - Viewer Mail
6:45 - Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
16:00 - Super Mario 3D World
18:51 - Knack
29:48 - Live streaming games
41:26 - VGH: The Video Game
65:20 - Outro

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Who needs next-gen consoles when you've got Nintendo games to play? This week, we're unhealthily obsessed with Zelda, Link, Mario, Toad, and... is there a Wii Sports guy? Why are we talking about Wii Sports in 2013 again?

Episode Timeline:
0:00 - Intro
4:27 - Viewer Mail
15:36 - Wii Sports Club
21:30 - Super Mario 3D World
36:00 - The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
63:00 - Outro

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We bought two of Sony's new PlayStations and boy, are our arms tired! We also played a Nintendo 2DS without buying one, then took a break from playing games to look at some in a museum. Finally, Burial at Sea is the BioShock Infinite DLC of the Year.

Episode Timeline:
0:00 - Intro
3:56 - Viewer Mail
8:10 - BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea
12:50 - Games at the MoMA
20:12 - Nintendo 2DS
24:50 - PlayStation 4
71:10 - Outro

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Between all the grinding, collecting, and microtransactions, it’s amazing we even had time to record this week’s show about the extremes we go to for some games. We’ve also got talk of Saints Row IV, Tiny Death Star, and (seriously?) more on Pokemon X/Y.

Episode Timeline

0:00 - Intro
2:14 - Viewer Mail
11:41 - Saints Row IV
21:50 - Pokemon X/Y
29:58 - Tiny Death Star
39:52 - The Grind
61:50 - Outro 

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With next-gen consoles right around the corner, we’re laying the PS3 and Xbox 360 to rest this week with all of our favorite stuff from the current gen. Also: Pokemon (we actually played it!), AiRace Speed, and Nintendo’s Swapnote dong debacle.

Episode Timeline
0:00 - Intro 2:08 - Viewer Mail 10:05 - Pokemon X/Y 22:55 - AiRace Speed 27:27 - Eulogy for a Generation 76:00 - Outro  

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We're having a spooOOoOOOOoOoky time playing Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and deciding if we like this new direction horror games are headed. Also, we played Splinter Cell Blacklist with the community and lived to tell about it! So we tell you about it.

Episode Timeline

0:00 - Intro
4:04 - Viewer Mail
6:00 - Spinter Cell: Blacklist multiplayer
18:00 - Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs 
35:35 - Horror Game Chat
42:00 - Spooky Viewer Mail
51:55 - Last Call
56:20 - Outro 

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Writer/director Rob McCallum talks with us this week about his upcoming indie documentary, The NES Club.

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