Video Game Hangover

Paul and Randy delve into distinguished author Tom Clancy's latest pet project, the massively multiplayer online shooter, The Division. Meanwhile, D.J. continues his quest to kick every gangster in Tokyo. Also, the new Fire Emblem is confusing.

Episode Timeline

00:00 - Intro Burger
06:00 - Final Fantasy 14 Patch Day!
09:50 - Yakuza
27:30 - Tom Clancy's The Division
52:23 - Fire Emblem Fates
68:45 - Outro


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Randy escapes from sea-prison only to immediately become lost in the woods. Paul gets owned by his wife despite his fearsome boulder arm. D.J. makes impulsive relationship decisions.

Episode Timeline

00:00 - Intro
01:50 - Randy Dickinson: Pro Vacationer
12:00 - Firewatch
40:50 - XCOM
48:06 - Cookie Clicker and the 10 Billion Wives
54:54 - Gravity Rush?
60:50 - Round 1 arcade
67:50 - Outro


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Paul supplements his actual sickness with motion sickness courtesy of the Gravity Rush remaster. D.J. loves Strike Suit Zero and vows never to play another game in the series, but it's OK because there's a lot of dudes that need to be kicked.

Episode Timeline

00:00 - Intro
01:50 - Paul is dead/Super Bowl
05:58 - Gravity Rush Remastered
25:50 - Strike Suit Zero
45:20 - Yakuza
62:24 - Outro


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How can we accurately judge The Witness to be the best ever made when it's so good that it causes all other games throughout history to cease to exist, destroying all basis for comparison? Also, reasons why we haven't started The Witness yet.

Episode Timeline

00:00 - Intro
01:50 - Weekly holographic squid concert discussion
08:50 - The Witness
34:40 - Grow Home
39:00 - Three Fourths Home
42:10 - Pokemon Picross
50:30 - Civilization V
62:40 - Strike Suit Zero
68:00 - Outro

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