Video Game Hangover

This year's Backlog Attack concludes with Wolfenstein: Youngblood and a deep dive back to Super Mario RPG. Also, gettin' roguish in RogueJack, and we announce the winner of the Backlog Attack contest!

Episode Timeline

(0:29) - Intro

(5:55) - RogueJack

(24:44) - Wolfenstein: Youngblood

(43:24) - Super Mario RPG

(1:05:41) - Backlog Contest

(1:11:11) - Outro

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The Backlog Attack continues as we revisit the Gamecube maybe-classic Killer7 and explore the true meaning of Knights and Bikes. Also, a whimsical detour into Yarntown.

Episode Timeline

(0:29) - Intro

(5:00) - Knights and Bikes

(24:12) - Killer 7

(45:17) - Yarntown

(53:33) - Viewer Mail/Backlog Contest

(1:02:49) - Outro

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Randy finds himself face-to-face with 100 billion more guns in Borderlands 3. Meanwhile, D.J. sacrifices 100 billion gallons of blood (probably) in the hopes of becoming a Bloodborne expert. Also: The Muppets play Shin Megami Tensei, or something.

Episode Timeline

(0:29) - Intro

(16:14) - Bloodborne

(42:10) - Borderlands 3

(1:03:19) - Backlog Contest

(1:07:49) - Outro

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We get a fresh, new perspective on being cooped up at home in Catlateral Damage. Also, the Backlog Attack continues with Thimbleweed Park and some musings on classic adventure games, plus some good, old-fashioned B&E in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Episode Timeline

(0:29) - Intro

(09:20) - Catlateral Damage

(21:49) - Thimbleweed Park

(43:33) - Deus Ex

(1:02:47) - Backlog Contest

(1:06:04) - Outro

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We take golfing to the final frontier in Golf on Mars, get all introspective in The Almost Gone, and enjoy not only the latest Animal Crossing update, but future, nonexistent Animal Crossing updates. Also: This year's Backlog Attack begins!

Episode Timeline:

(0:29) - Intro

(06:11) - Correction

(08:55) - Backlog Attack

(28:37) - Golf on Mars

(49:25) - The Almost Gone

(55:29) - Animal Crossing: New Horizons

(1:10:24) - Outro

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Take a musical summer vacation with our playlist of video game summer jams, plus some extras! Featuring songs from Animal Crossing, Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, Dragalia Lost, and of course, Sly 2: Band of Thieves!

Episode Timeline

(0:00) - Intro

(03:21) - Summer at the Beach

(11:19) - Spooky Summer

(18:46) - Summer on the Sea

(29:04) - Community picks

(38:06) - Summer at the Funk

(48:07) - Summer at the Beach Remake

(57:14) - Outro

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The Last of Us Part II is here, and boy, are our arms tired! Randy gives spoiler-free impressions while D.J. realizes he played Uncharted 4 by mistake. Also: Keeping social composure in Hot Pot Panic, and saving the forest from mean-looking robots in Sai.

Episode Timeline

(0:29) - Intro

(6:37) - The Last of Us Part II (feat. Uncharted 4)

(48:28) - Hot Pot Panic

(58:45) - Sai

(1:05:35) - Outro

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We got our first glimpse of the PlayStation 5 and some of its games — but most importantly, Bugsnax. Also: Playing 17 million indie games, starting with Hidden Folks and Hatch, plus revisiting Bioshock in a post-Bioshock world.

Episode Timeline

(0:29) - Intro/Meal Prep

(9:09) - PlayStation 5 REVEALED

(20:31) - PlayStation 5 games REVEALED (feat. Bugsnax)

(35:16) - Bioshocks

(48:33) - Hidden Folks

(1:00:38) - Hatch

(1:09:59) - Outro

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Randy finally catches Minecraft fever thanks to Minecraft Dungeons. D.J. ventures into uncharted territory in Final Fantasy XIV's Baldesion Arsenal. Also: More Phantasy Star Online 2, not spoiling The Last of Us Part II, and A Solitary Spacecraft.

Episode Timeline:

(0:29) - Intro

(2:47) - Spoiler-free Last of Us Part II

(9:36) - Phantasy Star Online 2

(18:42) - Minecraft Dungeons

(40:22) - Final Fantasy XIV: The Baldesion Arsenal

(57:21) - A Solitary Spacecraft

(1:03:01) - Outro

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It's 2020 and it's finally time for Phantasy Star Online 2... or is it? Meanwhile, Randy experiences the wacky world of What the Golf?, and D.J. gives an update on his island-wide landscaping in Animal Crossing.

Episode Timeline:

(0:29) - Intro/Horrible games

(10:50) - Counter-E3

(14:04) - What the Golf?

(31:02) - Phantasy Star Online 2

(50:16) - Animal Crossing

(1:06:08) - Outro

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D.J. logs back into Grand Theft Auto V to see if anything's changed. Similarly, Randy returns to Ministry of Broadcast to check if the piranhas are still there. Also: Different ways to deal with demons in Darksiders Genesis and Helltaker.

Episode Timeline:

(0:29) - Intro/Ministry of Broadcast

(15:11) - Grand Theft Auto V

(42:21) - Darksiders Genesis

(57:00) - Helltaker

(1:09:03) - Outro


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Randy goes on a disgusting seaside vacation in Dishonored 2, then a much more pleasant, albeit still lethal, trip to the hills in Lonely Mountains: Downhill. D.J. is again baffled by Panzer Dragoon, then makes a big decision about Animal Crossing.

Episode Timeline:

(0:29) - Intro

(13:52) - Dishonored 2

(37:43) - Lonely Mountains: Downhill

(51:07) - Panzer Dragoon 1.3 update

(54:41) - Animal Crossing

(1:16:14) - Outro

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D.J. returns to Fake Tokyo to solve crime things in Judgment, while Randy faces difficult moral choices in Ministry of Broadcast. Also: correcting a grievous regret from last week's show, and the tyranny of Animal Crossing continues.

Episode Timeline:

(0:29) - Intro

(09:56) - Judgment

(31:19) - Ministry of Broadcast

(52:21) - Corrections and regrets

(53:42) - Outro

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After sharing some personal quarantine achievements, it's time for... The Adventure Pals! Spooky space adventures in Deliver Us the Moon! And Final Fantasy VII, but it's the old one!

Episode Timeline:

(0:29) - Intro

(12:46) - Sampling and dabbling

(19:15) - The Adventure Pals

(30:55) - Deliver Us the Moon

(43:11) - Final Fantasy VII

(1:00:25) - Outro

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We're getting in shape (or at least out of breath) with Ring Fit Adventure's rhythm game. D.J. admires retro cars in Auto Museum 64 and takes some unexpected detours in Wheels of Aurelia. And Randy meets some surreal characters in The Procession to Calvary.

Episode Timeline:

(0:29) - Intro

(07:45) - Talking turnips

(15:49) - Ring Fit Adventure

(35:07) - Auto Museum 64

(44:15) - Wheels of Aurelia

(52:10) - The Procession to Calvary

(1:02:38) - Outro

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Randy takes the skiff out in Gears 5. D.J. travels to strange lands to sweep up dust in Anodyne. And we deal with the mean teens of... (checks notes) ...Wide Ocean, Big Jacket.

Episode Timeline:

(0:29) - Intro

(08:24) - Anodyne

(23:37) - Gears 5

(54:09) - Wide Ocean, Big Jacket

(1:08:48) - Outro

Direct download: VGH_440_-_The_Master_Broom.mp3
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Putting the trauma of Bunny Day behind him, Randy expores strange new, uh, worlds in The Outer Worlds. Meanwhile, D.J. digs into that long-awaited remake of a beloved 32-bit classic. That's right: Panzer Dragoon.

Episode Timeline:

(0:29) - Intro

(12:15) - The Outer Worlds

(42:38) - Panzer Dragoon

(57:40) - Outro

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Randy makes some extreme new career moves in Good Job! At the same time, D.J. isn't sure about his career path in Autobahn Police Simulator. Also: Revisiting old friends in The Last of Us; finally, the end of Death Stranding; and, unfortunately: Bunny Day.

Episode Timeline:

(0:29) - Intro/Bunny Day

(15:38) - Autobahn Police Simulator

(32:04) - Good Job!

(45:57) - The Last of Us

(1:03:38) - Death Stranding

(1:18:36) - Outro

Direct download: VGH_438_-_Its_Free_and_Its_Terrible.mp3
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Randy and D.J. compare Animal Crossing routines, discuss the ordeal of catching rare fish, and air grievances about all the balloons. Also, Randy seeks an escape in Days Gone but finds only video games.

Episode Timeline:

(0:29) - Intro

(1:22) - Immediately Animal Crossing

(32:40) - Days Gone

(56:33) - Outro

Direct download: VGH_437_-_Heterosexual_Biker_Buddy.mp3
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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is here! We get deep into our new island vacation package. Also: D.J. tries to make something of himself in Final Fantasy XIV, then escapes our weird new reality with some Resident Evil 3.

Episode Timeline:

(0:29) - Intro

(5:59) - D.J. VS Final Fantasy XIV

(17:38) - Animal Crossing: New Horizons

(54:47) - Resident Evil 3

(1:06:07) - Outro

Direct download: VGH_436_-_Pro-Pear_Gang.mp3
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Now that we have plenty of time on our hands, we settle in to discuss the subtle joys of MMO living, and how Animal Crossing could take a few notes. (Or maybe it already has?) Also, picross procedural Murder by Numbers, and corgi-clicker Rescue Pets.

Episode Timeline:

(0:29) - Intro

(9:10) - Final Fantasy XIV VS Animal Crossing

(32:15) - Murder by Numbers

(43:29) - Rescue Pets

(50:10) - Outro

Direct download: VGH_435_-_A_Worse_Version_of_Everything.mp3
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We played Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo and have some thoughts. But don't worry, there's also: Florence! PC Building Simulator! And, of course, Good Pizza, Great Pizza!

Episode Timeline:

(0:29) - Intro/Slay the Spire

(7:33) - Final Fantasy VII Remake

(35:28) - PC Building Simulator

(43:23) - Florence

(52:28) - Good Pizza, Great Pizza

(1:06:39) - Outro

Direct download: VGH_434_-_Active_Time_Bubble.mp3
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Randy and special guest Erik made it out of PAX East 2020 and seem mostly virus-free. But more importantly: They played the new Animal Crossing and are here to tell you about it. (Also: Other games that are not Animal Crossing.)

Direct download: VGH_433_-_PAX_East_2020.mp3
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Randy contends with a meat buddy in Journey to the Savage Planet. D.J. gets decadent for Star Trek Online's 10th anniversary. Also, Death Stranding keeps getting in the way of D.J. trying to play Death Stranding.

Episode Timeline:

(0:29) - Intro/How to avoid diseases at PAX East

(11:57) - Journey to the Savage Planet

(26:35) - Death Stranding

(43:21) - Star Trek Online

(56:46) - Outro

Direct download: VGH_432_-_500_in_Fake_Currency.mp3
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Randy gets hopped up on FEVER MODE in Lapis x Labyrinth. D.J. meditates over canceling Apple Arcade while he disassembles some junk in Assemble with Care, then plays a game he's wanted to try for 25 years. Also, Kentucky Route Zero ends well, but not without a few bumps in the road.

Episode Timeline:

(0:29) - Intro/RIPHQ

(6:56) - Randy’s Entertainment Minute

(14:15) - Norman Reedus is a real guy

(16:04) - Apple Arcade/Assemble with Care

(30:18) - Kentucky Route Zero

(40:29) - Trials of Mana

(51:06) - Lapis x Labyrinth

(1:05:00) - Outro

Direct download: VGH_431_-_Mildly_Dystopian.mp3
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Randy continues to bide his time until March, this week by sealing himself inside one of those sci-fi cube mazes in The Turing Test. D.J. presses X X X then Y Y Y and X X and Y Y Y again in Persona 5 Scramble. Also, revisiting Kentucky Route Zero.

Episode Timeline:

(0:28) - Intro

(6:22) - Love is in the air

(9:41) - Persona 5 Scramble

(31:56) - The Turing Test

(45:59) - Kentucky Route Zero

(56:36) - Outro

Direct download: VGH_430_-_A_Series_of_Modular_Cubes.mp3
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The seven-year wait for us to talk about Kentucky Route Zero comes to an end. Meanwhile, D.J. presses on in Life Is Strange 2, even as the game tries to undo all his hard work. Also, Monster Hunter everywhere.

Episode Timeline:

(0:28) - Intro

(2:36) - PAX East hype

(11:40) - Kentucky Route Zero

(27:05) - Life Is Strange 2, Episode 3

(42:14) - Monster Hunter World

(49:31) - Outro

Direct download: VGH_429_-_Enormous_Festival_Thing.mp3
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D.J. trades name-brand RPGs for something more generic in Minimal Dungeon RPG, in addition to jumping back into Life Is Strange 2. Randy can't decide how to bide his time until March and decides to put another 60 hours into Persona 5. Also: Luigi's Mansion 3, and Dragon Quest Builders 2.

Episode Timeline:

(0:28) - Intro/New music by DESK

(3:54) - Biding our time

(11:01) - Luigi’s Mansion 3

(17:58) - Life Is Strange 2, episode 2 (contains episode 1 spoilers)

(36:19) - Minimal Dungeon RPG

(43:46) - Persona 5

(56:40) - Dragon Quest Builders 2

(1:03:15) - Outro

Direct download: VGH_428_-_I_Both_Love_and_Hate_This_Game.mp3
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After some self-reassessment, D.J. finally allows himself to enjoy Wattam, the new game from Katamari Damacy creator, Keita Takahashi, Randy revisits that time he went on vacation but ended up solving a bunch of mysteries in The Touryst. And, BLOCK U!

Episode Timeline:

(00:40) - Intro/Delays

(11:41) - The Switch shelf in the sky

(15:35) - BlockuDoku

(23:46) - Lumines, the game everyone* hates

(29:30) - Wattam

(48:41) - The Touryst

(1:05:06) - Outro

Direct download: VGH_427_-_The_Junk_Is_Your_Undoing.mp3
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Part two of our 2019 game of the year round-up, featuring our absolute favorites, forbidden indies, and our most shamefully overlooked games.

Episode Timeline:

(00:40) - Intro

(04:13) - The Outer Wilds

(09:23) - The Touryst

(13:19) - Untitled Goose Game

(14:39) - Tetris 99

(16:39) - Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair

(20:52) - Devotion

(25:05) - Cadence of Hyrule

(29:19) - Afterparty

(33:01) - Dragon Quest Builders 2

(39:31) - Control

(46:15) - Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

(55:26) - Luigi's Mansion 3

(1:03:29) - The list of shame

(1:06:21) - Discord GotY

(1:09:47) - Outro

Direct download: VGH_426_-_Boat_the_Shark.mp3
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In part one (that's right) of our Game of the Year extravaganza, we look back at some of our favorites from 2019. And Death Stranding.

Episode Timeline:

(00:40) - Intro

(03:16) - Death Stranding

(10:46) - Tom Clancy's The Division 2

(18:41) - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

(21:55) - A Short Hike

(27:02) - Phantasy Star

(31:00) - Slay the Spire

(37:45) - Telling Lies

(41:29) - Ape Out

(42:59) - Return of the Obra Dinn

(45:12) - Sayonara Wild Hearts

(48:55) - Discord GotY

(50:28) - Outro

Direct download: VGH_425_-_Six_Hundred_Billion_Dollars.mp3
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