Video Game Hangover

Randy relaxes with some post-apocalyptic horticulture in the Cloud Gardens after things nearly get axe-murdery in Lumbearjack. Meanwhile, D.J. experiences the bleeding edge of 3D gaming excitement in Jumping Flash!

Episode Timeline

(0:00) - Intro/E3

(10:08) - Lumbearjack

(26:13) - Jumping Flash!

(45:43) - Cloud Gardens

(1:03:35) - Outro

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Randy is pursued by all sizes of fish in Silt. Meanwhile, D.J. checks out the newest evolution of Vampire Survivors, then plays the even newer, ostensibly vampiric 20 Minutes till Dawn. Also: The usual Taco Bell and Star Wars discussion.

Episode Timeline

(0:00) - Intro/Mexican Pizza

(15:43) - Viewer Mail

(26:24) - Silt

(40:30) - Vampire Survivors

(51:38) - 20 Minutes till Dawn

(1:06:32) - Outro

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D.J. becomes a filthy ice mage in Final Fantasy XIV's new Crystalline Conflict PvP mode, then winds down with some PowerWash Simulator. Meanwhile, Randy goes on a sickness-induced Star Wars bender.

Episode Timeline

(0:00) - Intro

(7:51) - New music by Saria Lemes

(9:15) - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

(22:44) - FFXIV: Crystalline Conflict

(38:55) - A Monster’s Expedition Through Puzzling Exhibitions

(50:37) - PowerWash Simulator

(1:05:06) - Outro

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