Video Game Hangover (general)

In this week's episode we chat about Uncharted 3! Spoiler alert, we chat about Uncharted 3, and only Uncharted 3.

Episode Timeline

Intro: 0:00
Uncharted 3 Chat: 2:12

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The first official trailer for Grand Theft Auto V prompts a conversation about our hopes, dreams and fears for the next installment in one of our favorite gaming series.

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Intro: 0:00
Viewer Mail: 2:05
Hangover: 11:30
GTA 5 is Coming: 31:00
Last Call: 66:00
Outro: 72:50 

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Everyone is a little bat-curious, right? In this week's show, we're talking about the Uncharted 3 theater events, our favorite scary games, and Batman: Arkham City. We've also got Aliens, Creepers, psychics, headcrabs and a Last Call that goes OONTZ.

Episode Timeline

Intro: 0:00
Uncharted 3 Events: 2:50
Hangover: 19:30
Scary Games: 38:46
Last Call: 72:50
Outro: 77:42 

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Level up! RPG-like progression systems are creeping their way into all sorts of games these days. This week, the VGH Crew weigh in on the growing trend. Plus: D.J's playing Bastion, Randy's had RAGE all along, and Paul's putting on his Heisenberg hat.

Episode Timeline

Intro: 0:00
Viewer Mail: 2:48
Hangover: 8:12
Level Up: 34:00
Last Call: 67:00
Outro: 73:09 

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VGH #25: A Number of Defense Options at Your Disposal

How hard is too hard? The recent release of Dark Souls has us talking about insanely difficult games. In The Hangover, we're shocked to hear which game Randy is actually enjoying. We've also got a contest winner, Viewer Mail, and a zombie-fied Last Call.

Episode Timeline

Intro: 0:00
Viewer Mail: 1:44
Hangover: 7:55
Game Difficulty: 29:50
Last Call: 71:05
Outro: 75:20 

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In this week's show: a new member approaches! The Crew talk about what makes a game "Timeless", and we chat a little about Gears of War 3, Rusty Hearts, and Cubixx HD. Also: earn more entries for our Ico HD contest!

Episode Timeline

Intro: 0:00
Housekeeping: 1:49
Hangover: 5:30
Timeless Classics: 30:30
Last Call: 68:45
Outro: 77:30

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In this week's episode: the crew discuss some of the news that came out of the recent Tokyo Game Show. We've got Viewer Mail, musings about the new Ace Combat, and Alice: Madness Returns!

Episode Timeline

Intro: 0:00
Viewer Mail: 2:35
Hangover: 8:50
Tokyo Game Show: 32:56
Last Call: 73:30
Outro: 77:50

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VGH #22: Destroy Him, My Robots!

The recent PSN update of Elevator Action prompts the VGH crew to discuss rules and regulations for remaking classic games. We've also got sexy poutine, Deus Ex memes, the obligatory Monster Hunter segment and some amazing new music by DJ FINISH HIM!

Episode Timeline

Intro: 0:00
Viewer Mail:  2:16
Hangover: 5:50
Rules for Remakes: 27:00
Last Call: 62:40
Outro: 70:29

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In this week's show, Deus Ex star Adam Jensen infiltrates VGH Industries! D.J. revisits the original Legend of Zelda and Randy muses about de Blob 2. The Crew also discuss some long running series that they feel need to be given The Old Yeller treatment.

Episode Timeline

Intro: 0:00
Hangover: 2:35
Out to Pasture: 37:00
Hangover: 62:00
Outro: 74:00 

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D.J. has returned from PAX Prime in Seattle with a cornucopia of new and exciting games to share (as well as a virulent new strain of the PAX pox). We also discuss Deus Ex, Xenoblade Chronicles, fine Canadian comedy and football games that nobody buys.

Episode Timeline

Intro: 0:00
Viewer Mail: 2:40
Hangover: 5:05
PAX Chat: 28:40
Last Call: 65:40
Outro: 70:55

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