Video Game Hangover (general)

An outbreak of the T-virus (or something) at VGH headquarters delayed production of the new episode for over a week! We're back now, in better health and clamoring to share our thoughts on Dragon Age 2, Bulletstorm, Pixeljunk Shooter and more. Randy's experiences at Volition Community Day and PAX East lead to a discussion about our favorite video game developers, past and present. Paul's love for Bioware and D.J.'s love for fine Mexican cuisine all factor in, somehow. Put it in your ears!

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The VGH crew discusses the unofficially unannounced state of video game DLC and a conversation about the Xperia Play phone turns into something else entirely. Also, our listeners weigh in on their earliest gaming memories and Paul dreams of a world that more closely resembles Canada. Lastly, a new installment of Video Game Community Theater gets all "Buster Wolf" on your ass.

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The VGH crew reflect on tales from their gaming "careers," Randy wins a contest, and the Video Game Community Theater gets bionic. Warning: This podcast contains multiple references to male tumescence, illegal narcotics and the 3DO. Also, games!

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In this "emergency" episode, the crew discuss the recently announced Sony NGP (aka, "not the PSP2"), PlayStation Suite. Also: An ERROR.

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The VGH crew chat about the games they're looking forward to in 2011. Plus, D.J. probably doesn't have world exclusive news about the next Soulcalibur. Addictive substances and legendary 80's frontmen both somehow play a part. Also, the 3DS!

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In their first episode, the VGH crew discuss their favorite games from 2010.  Plus:  Tom Clancy, peanut butter, and Paul really really likes Mass Effect.  Really.  Also: the premiere of Video Game Community Theater.

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In this short introductory episode we say hello, talk about the future of the VGH podcast, and address one of the great gaming questions of all time. Put it in your ears!

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