Video Game Hangover (general)

Randy continues his new life of intergalactic trading in No Man's Sky. D.J. watches people play every arcade game at once, then tries to come to terms with the final Final Fantasy. Paul explains how kitchens work.

Episode Timeline

00:52 - Intro
02:55 - Multibowl
14:31 - Deus Ex Go
30:25 - Overcooked
46:05 - No Man's Sky
74:10 - Final Fantasy V
87:05 - Outro


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No Man's Sky is out so we can definitively answer everyone's remaining questions, like: Are there really 600 trillion planets, or did they just copy/paste the same 3 over and over? How do I shot gun? And which multiplayer mode is best? D.J. goes swimming.

Episode Timeline

00:52 - Intro
02:10 - No Man’s Sky
37:50 - Spaceplan
43:10 - Gotta Protectors
50:02 - Abzu
59:30 - Backlog Attack/PAX West
64:50 - Outro


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Randy pops heads off (and back on again) in the 70s sci-fi-vania, Headlander. Paul is still playing only Monster Hunter. And D.J. would have finished Last Window by now if protagonist Kyle Hyde could drag himself out of bed at a reasonable hour.

Episode Timeline

00:38 - Intro
05:15 - Last Window
16:40 - Headlander
30:10 - Monster Hunter Generations
44:50 - Mekorama
50:38 - #badgames
62:32 - Outro


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D.J. emerges from Final Fantasy XIV's deep dungeon to talk about its new Deep Dungeon mode. Paul navigates Batman through some jankiness. Randy has questions about Persona 4's take on hot social issues. Also: The final round of the Backlog Attack begins!

Episode Timeline

00:50 - Intro
01:50 - Mirror's Edge Catalyst
12:25 - Persona 4
19:55 - Affordable Space Adventures
29:00 - Panzer Dragoon Orta
35:10 - Batman: The Telltale Series
65:00 - Final Fantasy XIV: Deep Dungeon
80:00 - Backlog Attack -August-
90:55 - Outro


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In this audio series of dramatic podcasting you’ll find: an in-depth conversation about the new Nintendo NX, an emotionally charged soliloquy about Monster Hunter, some internal dialogue about Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, and even some comments about Ghostbusters!

Episode Timeline

00:50 - Intro
01:55 - Weekly Movie Chat
14:41 - Mirror's Edge Catalyst
33:12 - Monster Hunter Generations
43:02 - Nintendo NX Chat
56:06 - Telltale's Crowd Play Feature
64:45 - Outro


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Pokemon Go? Check. Monster Hunter Generations? Check. Final Fantasy XIV? Check. Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel? Check. Yep, sounds like another show from your friends at Video Game Hangover. Also—this should be good—Randy plays Bloodborne.

Episode Timeline

00:50 - Intro
01:55 - Dwayne Johnson chat
12:30 - Bloodborne
27:35 - Monster Hunter Generations
48:25 - Pokemon Go
66:10 - Persona 4 Golden
80:30 - Final Fantasy XIV: Deep Dungeon preview
85:55 - Outro

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We look up from our Pokedexes just long enough to avoid being hit by oncoming traffic and also to discuss the Pokemon Go phenomenon. Also, did we play Resident Evil 7?

Episode Timeline

00:50 - Intro
01:20 - Taco Bell Adventures
07:05 - Pokemon Go
32:10 - Resident Evil VII Demo
53:40 - Oxenfree
73:55 - Outro



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As seasoned video gamers, we know a little about what makes a cool game. We strive to talk about only the coolest games every week. Like Boxboxboy. That's cool. Inside? (That's a game.) Also cool. The Return of Matt Hazard? Sorry. That's not a cool game.

Episode Timeline

00:50 - Intro
02:05 - Viewer Mail
16:10 - Undertale
33:40 - Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard
48:08 - Inside
60:55 - Boxboxboy
68:25 - Steamworld Heist
73:55 - Outro


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Paul plays Bloodstained and reports on the state of its found cuisine. Randy tries several extremely Japanese games, with mixed results. 13 years later, D.J. is ready to pass judgment on Deus Ex: Invisible War. Meanwhile, nobody played Mighty No. 9.

Episode Timeline

00:45 - Intro
05:45 - Bloodstained E3 demo/Mighty No. 9 fallout
28:55 - Rhythm Heaven Megamix
41:25 - Deus Ex: Invisible War
52:30 - Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
69:25 - The World Ends with You
73:45 - Backlog Attack
81:04 - Outro


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The blips and bloops are back! We take a listen to some of our favorite game music mariachi covers, Groove Coaster remixes, and songs appearing in games that rhyme with Unsmarted: Jake's Fmortune.

Episode Timeline

02:40 - Intro
11:15 - Game Music Start!
73:45 - Outro

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