Video Game Hangover

D.J's finally made it through the first dungeon in the new Zelda and he's here to tell you what he thinks of it so far. Or, at least that's what he's supposed to do.

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In this special Mini Hangover Episode, Paul and Matt spend the first half of the show playing PAYDAY: The Heist. We then take a quick break and give you our impressions immediately after finishing our first session with the game!

Episode Timeline

Live PAYDAY: 0:00
After Session Impressions: 11:08
Outro: 19:16 

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This is it, our final show of 2011! In this week's episode, The Whole Crew get together with drinks, and frame the entire show around your incredible feedback! Thank you so much for the support and we'll see you in Season 2 in 2012!

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Intro: 0:00
Tomorrow's Hangover: 2:30
Listener Feedback: 6:55
Outro: 81:00 

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Stuff this down your chimney! This week, we've assembled the Ultimate VGH Holiday Shopping List for the obsessive gamers and pop-culture geeks on your list. We've also got Viewer Mail, our weekly Hangovers, and we'll wrap things up with Last Call!

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Intro: 0:00
Viewer Mail: 2:40
Hangover: 8:20
All I Want: 25:00
Last Call: 58:45
Outro: 64:20 

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The Crew discuss the new Zelda, waggle, and other unusual control schemes that they've both loved and hated. Paul goes the entire episode without hating on the Wii. We've also got your Viewer Mail, Saints Row: The Third, and yes, more Skyrim.

Episode Timeline

Intro: 0:00
Viewer Mail: 2:20
Special Announcement: 6:08
Hangover: 8:58
Unusual Controls: 32:04
Last Call: 68:58
Outro: 74:28 

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Thanks but no thanks? This week, we're talking about the things that make us thankful to be gamers. This is also the episode where it sounds like Randy could drop dead at any moment. Sorry 'bout that. Plus: Mario, Saints, Skyrim, Queen and Muppets!

Episode Timeline

Intro: 0:00
Viewer Mail: 1:35
Hangover: 6:45
We Give Thanks: 34:00
Last Call: 66:10
Outro: 72:45 

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Gaming is awesome, except when it isn't. In this week's show, we're talking about some of our least favorite things in the world of video games. Also: Mario rescues Peach, Paul goes full Skyrim, and someone's growing a glorious moustache. It's itchy!

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Intro: 0:00
Viewer Mail: 2:03
Hangover: 7:30
Gaming Shitlist: 35:40
Last Call: 68:50 
Outro: 74:25 

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In this week's episode we chat about Uncharted 3! Spoiler alert, we chat about Uncharted 3, and only Uncharted 3.

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Intro: 0:00
Uncharted 3 Chat: 2:12

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The first official trailer for Grand Theft Auto V prompts a conversation about our hopes, dreams and fears for the next installment in one of our favorite gaming series.

Episode Timeline

Intro: 0:00
Viewer Mail: 2:05
Hangover: 11:30
GTA 5 is Coming: 31:00
Last Call: 66:00
Outro: 72:50 

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Everyone is a little bat-curious, right? In this week's show, we're talking about the Uncharted 3 theater events, our favorite scary games, and Batman: Arkham City. We've also got Aliens, Creepers, psychics, headcrabs and a Last Call that goes OONTZ.

Episode Timeline

Intro: 0:00
Uncharted 3 Events: 2:50
Hangover: 19:30
Scary Games: 38:46
Last Call: 72:50
Outro: 77:42 

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