Video Game Hangover

It's a super sized Taco Tuesday! 4th Meal, 24/7, running on Dunkin, Doritos and Mountain Dew. On the menu this week: Dual, Run Sackboy Run, Story of Seasons, Axiom Verge, Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, and yet another FFXIV patch. PSA: Stop giving your player base free content Square.

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Hideo Kojima stops by to clear up rumors about his future with Metal Gear. Paul's plan to organize his space crew fails spectacularly. D.J. plays Project DIVA, the most embarrassing rhythm game yet. Randy spends time with The Order: 1886, a video game.

Episode Timeline

0:00 - Intro
8:50 - The Order: 1886
23:24 - Project Diva F 2nd
30:05 - Space Team
37:20 - Monument Valley: Forgotten Shores
40:08 - Metroid Prime
47:40 - What's going on with Hideo Kojima?
61:45 - Viewer Mail
73:22 - New music by Robots with Rayguns
75:10 - Outro

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It's Taco Tuesday! On the menu this week: Borderlands The Handsome Collection, Life is Strange Episode 2, BLOODBORNE, and surprise Dragon Age DLC.

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We're doing #MetroidMarch right by replaying the series's best. Like Metroid: Code Name: STEAM, Metroid: Q*bert, Metroid: Monster Hunter and the game many consider an all-time classic, Metroid: Jak and Daxter Collection.

Episode Timeline

0:00 - Intro
2:25 - Neverending PAX East fallout
14:50 - Metroid Prime
27:53 - Final Fantasy XIV/Triple Triad
29:20 - Q*bert Rebooted
37:24 - Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
52:53 - Jak and Daxter Collection
61:30 - Code Name: STEAM
71:35 - Last Call
74:10 - Outro


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It's Taco Tuesday! On the menu this week: Oceanhorn, Woolfe, Mario Party 10, Final Fantasy Type-0 and the great Battlefield ever.

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Just how far is one man willing to go to attend PAX East? When traveling through a late winter snowstorm by train, the correct answer is "approximately 400 miles".

Episode Timeline

0:00 - Intro
4:23 - PAX East 2015
65:04 - Outro

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It's Taco Tuesday! Randy is joined by Chris Gregory to dish on this week's latest bites. On the menu: Codename STEAM, Hotline Miami 2, Ori and the Blind Forest, DMC, and Assassin's Creed: Rogue.

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Please enjoy this episode full of PAX East hype that we recorded before they canceled the East Coast. Also: skateboarding, French lessons, Star Trek timelines, giant chickens, and we try to uncover the origin of #MetroidMarch. (Spoiler: We invented it.)

Episode Timeline


0:00 - Intro
2:22 - PAX East hype feat. dramatic irony
6:35 - Star Trek Online remembers Leonard Nimoy
15:20 - Final Fantasy XIV
25:11 - Hyrule Warriors & Amiibos
33:44 - Ironfall: Invasion
41:31 - Trivia Crack
44:38 - OlliOlli2
51:11 - #MetroidMarch: Metroid Begins
58:30 - Viewer Mail
74:10 - Outro

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It's Taco Tuesday! Ikari Warriors and Contra. On the menu this week: Hell Divers, Olli Olli 2, La-Mulana EX, and Mario vs Donkey Kong.

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