Video Game Hangover

By listening to this episode you will learn: how to select the appropriate robot dog for any situation; operating procedures for the Belus-07 railway vehicle in case of apocalypse; how to get through the first hour of Dragon Quest VII in only three hours.

Episode Timeline

00:38 - Intro
04:30 - ReCore
21:45 - The Final Station
34:10 - Dragon Quest VII
64:02 - Outro

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Kitchen thievery in Overcooked, naked ninjas being shot out of cannons in Ninja Launcher, and Adam Jensen's sunglasses. One of those things is not like the other... but to find out you'll need to listen to this week's episode! Also: Randy is still (not) dead (hopefully) and we flashback to Flashback: The Quest for Identity.


Episode Timeline

00:38 - Intro
05:40 - Overcooked
22:18 - New Streetpass games
40:05 - Flashback
57:00 - Viewer Mail
63:45 - Outro

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D.J. risks prison time playing AM2R, the Metroid II fan remake. Without Randy around, the conversation quickly devolves into Final Fantasy and Star Trek, but it's mostly because Paul played Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander. Mostly.


Episode Timeline

00:30 - Intro
01:02 - AM2R: The Return of Samus
25:10 - Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander
37:50 - Star Trek Online
49:18 - Battlefield 1
60:05 - Outro

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Paul and D.J. report in from the first ever PAX West. Hear about Dragon Quest Builders, The Silver Case, World of Final Fantasy, PAX Game Show Night, and more!

Episode Timeline

00:50 - Intro
09:00 - Dragon Quest Builders
20:21 - World of Final Fantasy
24:14 - Dragon Quest VII
28:31 - Final Fantasy XII remaster
34:15 - Suda51 / The Silver Case / Gwent
49:38 - PAX Wrap-up
54:03 - Outro

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D.J. finds a new way to play FFXIV in the Deep Dungeon, then rolls a healer in popular Internet meme, Overwatch, because maybe there's more to gaming than killing people. Meanwhile, Randy drops zillions of grenades on people in Deus Ex yeahhhh siicckkkkk

Episode Timeline

00:55 - Intro
05:50 - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
37:16 - Final Fantasy XIV and MMO Roles
61:00 - Overwatch
77:04 - Final Backlog Attack XVI Update
84:03 - Outro

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