Video Game Hangover

Randy finishes off the Link's Awakening remake then immediately leaves for Alligator New York in Later Alligator. Meanwhile, D.J. puts his social strand skills to use by planning the first Viking interstate highway in Valheim.

Episode Timeline

(0:23) - Intro/Link’s Awakening

(26:32) - Valheim

(46:58) - Later Alligator

(1:00:29) - Outro

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The unexplained prevalence of cats in Super Mario 3D World drives Randy to all-out cat warfare in Kitty Letter. Meanwhile, D.J. ignores his primal-slaying duties in Valheim to build a quiet forest house. Also, centipedes.

Episode Timeline

(0:23) - Intro/Animal Crossing

(9:25) - Devotion

(14:41) - Waluigi: The disturbing truth

(20:56) - Super Mario 3D World

(36:03) - Valheim

(53:13) - Kitty Letter

(1:03:05) - Outro

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Project Triangle Strategy vs. Unsung Story: We pit two upcoming tactical RPGs against each other. Plus: Is the Link's Awakening remake actually good?

Episode Timeline

(0:23) - Intro

(9:01) - Project Triangle Strategy

(33:17) - Unsung Story

(51:05) - Link’s Awakening

(1:11:31) - Outro

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Randy enjoys some party chat (and fermentend fruit beverages) between battles in Haven while D.J. finally escapes from FFXIV raid hell. Also, the last word on Final Fantasy VII Remake. (Seriously, we don't want to talk about it anymore.)

Episode Timeline

(0:23) - Intro/Tacobringers

(4:19) - Final Fantasy XIV

(13:02) - Final Fantasy VII Remake

(41:19) - Haven

(1:03:36) - Outro

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