Video Game Hangover

Randy contends with a meat buddy in Journey to the Savage Planet. D.J. gets decadent for Star Trek Online's 10th anniversary. Also, Death Stranding keeps getting in the way of D.J. trying to play Death Stranding.

Episode Timeline:

(0:29) - Intro/How to avoid diseases at PAX East

(11:57) - Journey to the Savage Planet

(26:35) - Death Stranding

(43:21) - Star Trek Online

(56:46) - Outro

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Randy gets hopped up on FEVER MODE in Lapis x Labyrinth. D.J. meditates over canceling Apple Arcade while he disassembles some junk in Assemble with Care, then plays a game he's wanted to try for 25 years. Also, Kentucky Route Zero ends well, but not without a few bumps in the road.

Episode Timeline:

(0:29) - Intro/RIPHQ

(6:56) - Randy’s Entertainment Minute

(14:15) - Norman Reedus is a real guy

(16:04) - Apple Arcade/Assemble with Care

(30:18) - Kentucky Route Zero

(40:29) - Trials of Mana

(51:06) - Lapis x Labyrinth

(1:05:00) - Outro

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Randy continues to bide his time until March, this week by sealing himself inside one of those sci-fi cube mazes in The Turing Test. D.J. presses X X X then Y Y Y and X X and Y Y Y again in Persona 5 Scramble. Also, revisiting Kentucky Route Zero.

Episode Timeline:

(0:28) - Intro

(6:22) - Love is in the air

(9:41) - Persona 5 Scramble

(31:56) - The Turing Test

(45:59) - Kentucky Route Zero

(56:36) - Outro

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The seven-year wait for us to talk about Kentucky Route Zero comes to an end. Meanwhile, D.J. presses on in Life Is Strange 2, even as the game tries to undo all his hard work. Also, Monster Hunter everywhere.

Episode Timeline:

(0:28) - Intro

(2:36) - PAX East hype

(11:40) - Kentucky Route Zero

(27:05) - Life Is Strange 2, Episode 3

(42:14) - Monster Hunter World

(49:31) - Outro

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